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Our Projects


The Pointe Condo Complex

Limaco raised 2,000 linear feet of sidewalk next to the seawall in beautiful Sarasota. We also installed a water-resistant sealer that will prevent water from penetrating the construction joint and washing out the seawall. The project was completed in 8 days well ahead of schedule! 


Englewood Project

Many of our customers are in need of void fill beneath their pool deck to keep it from sinking or cracking. In this interesting case, an armadillo had dug beneath the slab and created a den for his little family. Unfortunately, this created a massive void beneath the pool deck and the deck began to crack and sink. Once we were certain the little creature wasn't home, Limaco began the void fill process to secure the deck. Once the void was filled and the slab stabilized, Limaco began cleanups and ensured the armadillo couldn't return to his old den to dig out the flowable fill. No animals were injured in the securing of this deck.