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Mud Jacking

Mud Jacking is process where we correct any sinking or settling in your concrete slab. Whether that be on your sidewalk, driveway, or even pool deck! This process is less invasive, faster, and much less expensive than replacing the concrete entirely. 

Structural Repair

Is your house sinking? Are you seeing cracking on your stucco or on your walls? Your foundation may be failing. Don't panic! Give us a call to learn about options for correcting a failing structure. 

Retaining Walls

Is your retaining wall failing? It may be due to too much weight placed on the wall. Whatever the issue you're having, Limaco is here to walk you through the several different options you have!

Crawl Space Service

We specialize in ensuring your home is as stable and secure as possible. For homes with crawl spaces including mobile homes, we offer hurricane anchors, structural column repair, and sub-floor joist replacement so that you can confidently ride out the storms life may bring your way!  There are times when your floor may be sinking our out of level.  Limaco specializes in correcting settled or sinking foundations. 

French Drain Installation

Sometimes water gathers near or under the structure of your home and seeps inside. With a French Drain installed, this simple system will capture the water and guide it away from the home. If you have water coming into your home, consider having a French Drain system installed today. It's simple, minimally invasive, and cost effective. 

Our Expertise:

Concrete Leveling

  • The "Mudjacking" process is a low-cost way to fix a cracking and sinking slab. It's cost effective, minimally invasive, and has zero impact on the environment and wildlife. 

Structural Repair

As certified AB Chance Helical Pile installers, we are experts in correcting and stabilizing any settling foundation. If your drywall or stucco is cracking, your foundation may be compromised. Call today to learn about your many options! ​

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